Kickin’ It In the Philippines With My Queens

A few (more like several – way to go on timely blogs, Har) months ago, my friends and I wrapped up our job in Taiwan and went on a lovely, celebratory trip together in the Philippines. It was way too short, but long enough to ignite a ferocious love for the country inside of me.

Unfortunately, I could only be there for about 5 days – Sam & Emily went on to a couple other islands and stayed a couple weeks longer. I can attest to the beauty and serenity of the island of Cebu, and you can consult either of those lovely ladies to hear about Palawan and Boracai!

Cebu is magic. It’s touristic enough to be easy to get around, but not overly so to the point of not feeling like you’re getting an authentic experience. And it’s crazy cheap. We ate like queens, took tuktuks everywhere, and enjoyed our last 5 days all together as a powerful girl band without the music.

We also hired a boat for half a day and swam with sea turtles and sardines, and snorkeled around a coral reef! And let us all remember that Sam and Emily are the ones that got painful sunburns this time around, and not yours truly… 😉

I miss those ladies and that island dearly. I wish every year could close out on such a note.

(PS – almost done playing catch-up and can blog about what I am doing in 2017!)


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